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Facebook is a huge platform that many of us use for promotion. Is emotional marketing the best choice for Facebook, or will other marketing campaign styles work better? Web design companies, marketing firms and other online businesses are always looking for the best way to create a winning campaign and emotions can work wonders in that regard.

For every winning campaign out there, there is also a losing one; which is a side you don’t want to be on. If you want to increase the chances you end up on the right side of things you should consider the question of if emotional marketing is the best choice when you are launching a Facebook-based campaign.

Why use emotion?

The reason you should use emotion with a marketing campaign on Facebook is because it is effective. Various studies of marketing campaigns have shown that not only does emotional content outperform rational content on a 2:1 ratio, but they on average score higher with popularity tests among consumers.

Invoking emotion works, which is something most people recognize when they think about it. As a consumer what are your favorite posts on Facebook? More than likely your top choices will include ones that are geared to illicit and emotional response on connection.

Ways to use emotion

So how can you use the idea of emotion on Facebook with your marketing campaigns? Here are some ideas:

  • Curiosity – This is fairly simple. People are curious and usually want to know more. If you can pose questions in the right way you will earn clicks from people who have had their curiosity piqued and simply must know the answer. Ask a good question or start an interesting story and then leave out the best part; curiosity will take it from there.
  • FOMO – Fear of missing out or FOMO, started as a marketing paper written back in 2000 but was widely unknown until millennials and hipsters grabbed the term and started using it much like YOLO. Regardless of origins, the concept is a strong one; people don’t like to miss out on something that could be amazing. With proper technique you can showcase many things under the FOMO light to make a reader consider if they are missing out on something by not engaging with your products or services.
  • Positivity – The power of positivity is in the sharing. Within the niche of emotional articles the ones shared the most are positive rather than negative. That means happy, upbeat, and positive messages or stories which use bright colors, happy images and positive copy are a good idea.
  • Excitement – Excitement on the net can create virility because it is directly related to impulse. If you can get people excited not only are they more likely to engage or convert, they are also more likely to share that excitement with others.
  • Pride – Pride is a powerful and often underused emotion in marketing but when you do tap into it the results are often fantastic. Think of the pride some people have about their sports team, their kids, or their accomplishments. Taping into this emotion means showcasing how products or services are good choices because they are smarter, more cost-effective, will help increase your success in the world, and the like then invoke pride in what they have done.

While there are other ways to illicit emotional reactions or connections, these are our favorite methods that have proven to be very effective.

The bottom line is that emotion is a thing that connects humans. Sometimes being online is considered like being in a box, locked away from other people and the world. Emotional marketing is the best choice for Facebook because it draws people out of the box and helps connect them with feelings which in turn can increase your engagement and conversions.

Source: Lounge lizard


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