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Threads, an Instagram app: Start promoting your business on this hot new social app


Instagram has released an app for social media marketers and businesses. The app release presents a new opportunity for  businesses to become early adopters and benefit from the growth of the app. If you ever thought that you were too late in taking your business on a social media platform, Thread is your opportunity. The competition is still not much, but you don’t have much time left.

What is Threads?

Threads, an Instagram app

Thread is a text-based conversation application created in the form of Twitter. It was released a few days after Twitter announced stricter restrictions on their platform. Social media enthusiasts are speculating that the app may have been released as an alternative to Twitter. 

Twitter intensified restrictions on daily direct messages, tweets, following, and follows. Twitter also imposed hourly tweet limits. The post restrictions got reactions from Twitter users; some for and others against. And Threads could be seen as a breath of fresh air by some text-loving social media users.

Threads allows users to form communities based on interest. Users can connect freely with their favorite influencers, likewise influencers with users; all without restriction. Threads, an instagram app, supports post shares, likes, and repost (a retweet-like action). The app has the feel of Instagram but the appearance of Twitter, and poses a fairly easy learning curve. You’ll be forgiven for confusing both apps.

How to Use Threads, an Instagram App

The app is available for download on appstore and playstore. The first step to using Threads, an Instagram App is to download it from your native app store. After download, you will be asked to login and given the option to do so with your Instagram details. If you are already logged on to the Instagram app on your device, the process will be quite easy for you.

If you are not logged on to IG on your device, you need to get your IG details. But, if you don’t have an account with Instagram, you may need to create one. You can login to the new IG app with a business or personal account.

After login, you retain your Instagram username and password on Threads. However, you can edit your profile to suit the social platform. You can create text, image, and video posts. The process of content creation is quite easy and will get a grasp of it as soon as you jump on the app.

How to Market Your Business with Threads

The marketing potentials are uncertain at the moment, but considering the fact that a user gets instant followers due to prior Instagram activity, you can be sure that Threads will make a powerful marketing tool. Also, with Meta at the back of this move, there’s no doubt that there are some commercial goals around.

Twitter has long served businesses as a distribution media for content marketing. Now we have  Threads. You can distribute your blog posts and video contents on this platform like you do on Twitter.

What to do About Threads

The best action to take in light of this development is to get your business on the platform and grow with it. It’s always a good move for a business to get an early footing on social media inventions. That way, you have the advantage in terms of knowledge and following when the app is fully ready for marketing.

Is Threads App Safe?

Threads was released by Instagram, a subsidiary of Meta, a popular tech giant. This means that you can trust the app based on the reputation of its creators. However, you should carefully read and understand the app’s T&C to get adequate information about their privacy policy.

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A few months ago we had AI storm the online marketing industry with the advent of ChatGPT. Many businesses and online marketers seized the opportunity to drive profit for their business. This is an equally good opportunity for your business.

Threads is new and hot and can not be ignored because it’s by Instagram, Meta. Take a bold step for your business today and get on Threads. You can also contact us for your companies; digital marketing.

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