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Secure professional emails for your organization

Host your business email on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.
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Professional emails
Zoho Mail is an excellent email service that is clean, fast, and offers better protection against fake emails.

Carolina Astaiza M
Vice President – Talent & Acquisition

Zoho Mail’s email, internal client-focused communications (the streams function and “comment-on/share-emails” functionality) is amazing!

Every small business will require email and some sort of office productivity suite, and there are multiple options available. Zoho Mail starts with free 5GB of storage for up to five mailboxes, plus 1GB of cloud storage.
$3.00 /mo
  • Email hosting for multiple domains
  • Domain aliase
  • Email routing
  • Email and Folder sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • Group Calendars
$3.50 /mo
  • Email hosting for multiple domains
  • Domain aliase
  • Email routing
  • Email and Folder sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • Group Calendars
$5.00 /mo
  • Secure Business Email
  • Online file manager
  • Online Wordprocessor
  • Online Spreadsheet
  • Presentation software
  • Instant chat communication
$6.00 /mo
  • Huge Attachments upto 1 GB
  • Archival and eDiscovery
  • Email backup and restoration
  • White labeling
  • S-MIME
  • Everything in MAIL LITE +

Unparalleled email security and privacy

Zoho Mail’s data centres have top-notch security and surveillance, with a reliable 99.9% uptime. Benefit from secure email hosting that supports encryption both at rest and in transit, along with S/MIME message encryption.

Secure Email Data
Professional email signature
get a custom email address

Stay professional with [email protected]

Create a domain for your business and set up custom email addresses for users. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the visibility and authenticity it deserves.

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Extensive Control Panel

Zoho Mail’s powerful Control Panel is the admin’s go-to place for all settings, configuration, and customization. Add users, manage group aliases, set up policies to moderate business email content, and more.

Manage Preferences
cPanel email

Mail on Mobile

Manage your business communications even when you’re away from your desk. Native mobile apps for Mail, Mail Admin, and Streams make staying in touch on the go easy and effortless.

Go Mobile
Custom retention policy for emails

Email retention and e-Discovery

Retain emails across your organization for a specified period to comply with company standards and to counter legal attacks. e-Discovery helps discover such retained emails quickly.

Retain and Backup

Streams - the newer way to email

Add a social media flavour to your mailboxes with Streams. Replace unending email threads with comments, tag your teammates, share files, manage tasks, and much more, right from within your inbox.

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custom business emails
Data Privacy and Security

Take complete control of your email data. Our best-in-class privacy practices ensure your data belongs only to you.

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Email and Calendar Migration

Switch from other providers to the secure Zoho Mail using our migration tools and POP/IMAP migration.

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Business email with CRM

Integrate with Zoho CRM to manage your sales better. Do more with other in-house and third-party integrations.

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Frequently asked questions

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service that runs email servers and provides email service for individuals and businesses. It allows users to send and receive emails using their custom domain-based email accounts. The email hosting service provides secure access to your saved data, and further provides anti-spam and anti-virus filters.

What are the advantages of using an email hosting service over running personal email servers?

Managing your own email servers and securing them from spam and DDOS attacks is difficult and time-consuming. When you set up your domain with an email host, they take care of these complex tasks, once the initial set up is done. With the extensive customization options, delegating the email host to run your domain email will help you focus on your business rather than running around servers.

Does DaManager provide free email with a domain registration or a hosting plan?

Select hosting plans include professional email for the first year. Email is not included with a domain purchase.

How can I migrate from my existing provider?

Zoho Mail offers intuitive migration tools, along with 24/7 dedicated migration support to ensure smooth, lossless migration from your existing email provider. Mail also supports Calendar and Contacts sync and migration of PST files.

What is business email?

A business email is an email account which you use explicitly for business or professional communications. Business email is built exclusively for teams and organizations that run business communications. It is set up with a custom domain used by the organization and adds credibility and professionalism to the brand. Features like group email addresses and global address lists make collaboration more efficient.

How is business email different from personal email?

Personal email works for one-to-one exchanges with friends and family. It can also be used for signing up for personal services and personal social media accounts. Business email is best for managing business communications and professional contacts. Business email generally comes with group aliases, higher storage, and business-specific features and integrations including migration support and a control panel.

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