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Website Design Process

Da-Manager project methodology comprises the steps we take in taking a project from initiation to completion. While the primary purpose of this methodology is to ensure that clients’ objectives are met, it also ensures that the client has a great experience during the web design process.

We follow a defined process in managing web design projects. The actual duration however depends on the scope of the project. Our web design process is as follows:

1. Understanding The Brief:

We collaborate with you to understand your business and your objective for the website. This is typically achieved through a meeting with a Web Strategist, or by filling a project questionnaire, or Skype, Zoom and Phone.

2. Research & Planning:

After gaining a good understanding of the project brief, we kick off the Planning phase. At this point, the project team sits together to discuss the project. The Web Strategist explains the project brief to the project team (Project Manager, UI Designers, Developers). Collaboratively, the project team then works out the best solution and implementation plan for the project.

Software quality assurance vector isometric illustration. Software testing, programming and coding concept with people catching bugs on computer monitor for web banner, website page etc.

3. Design:

The UI Designer(s) come up with mockup designs of the website – the proposed design is a static image format using colours, fonts, styles, themes, pictures and layouts. The project manager confirms that the design meets the client’s functional requirements, and a senior designer then reviews and approves the design.

4. Feedback:

The client has a say in the design of the website, so we send designs to the client for feedback. Once client feedback is received, designs are tweaked if necessary. We like to make changes at this stage as regards the design and layout of the project before starting the development process of your website or service request.

5. Development:

Once the client has signed off all design elements, we breathe life into your design to make the website usable, clickable and dynamic, ensuring that the web design fits in well with the chosen Content Management System (CMS) or programming technology. At this phase, front-end and back-end development are done, pages are created, and content is uploaded.

6. Quality Assurance & Testing:

After the development phase comes the QA and testing phase. The developed website goes through thorough tests including functionality, browser compatibility, speed, and mobile usability tests. We also send you a link to test the website. If you have opted for an onsite training this is when we will arrange a date to show you how to manage your website. We can also arrange a user testing event in case you need one. The project team makes the required modifications, and the website is ready for launch.

7. Launch:

Once all QA tests are passed and the website is confirmed great by the client, the website is deployed (transferred to the live server), where a final test is done. We also train the client on how to use the website’s content management system. We recommend you create a buzz using social media platforms or other channels telling your audience you are launching a new website. This ensures that you are promoting it before it goes live.

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