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Results driven marketing campaigns.

Our approach is simple – if it doesn’t positively impact your bottom line, we don’t do it. We are a performance and ROI-driven digital marketing agency that turns advertising into profits.
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Increasing brand awareness, leads & sales

You need more visibility for your business. But beyond running ads, you want to ensure that you get a return on your investment, beyond just “impressions”. We perfectly understand this and are here to help.

Launching a new product into the market

You have built a great product that is finally ready for launch. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get this product to the users and hack growth. You need results and you need them fast. We get it and we can help shoot your product.

Engaging your prospects & customers

You want to maintain top-of-mind awareness with your audience. You want to build a relationship with them such that they become loyal and find it natural to do business with you. You have come to the right place.

Creating great content consistently

You understand the importance of high-quality content, but you would rather focus on growing your business than stress over getting and sharing great content. Our team will be more than happy to help you with this.

Da-Manager will help you make the most out of your online marketing goals in your business.

Our Approach is simple but a modern marketing strategy driven by results.

Step 1
Traffic Generation & Awareness

People will do business with you if they know you, like you, and trust you. First, they have to know you.

Through social media, search engines and a combination of more than 10 other organic and paid techniques, we drive quality traffic of hyper-targeted, ready-to-buy customers.

Step 2
Conversion & Lead Generation

We convert a large percentage of traffic into leads through cutting-edge inbound strategies and techniques.

This changes the entire narrative of advertising and gets a large volume of leads coming to you willingly, instead of you trying to force a sale.

Step 3
Nurturing & Delighting

People will do business with you if they know you, like you, and trust you. First, they have to know you.

Through social media, search engines and a combination of more than 10 other organic and paid techniques, we drive quality traffic of hyper-targeted, ready-to-buy customers.

Step 4

To maximize ROI and conversions, we retarget (follow) qualified leads who still have not been converted.

These leads begin to see your business wherever they go on the internet – on social media, blogs, third-party websites, and even email.

Our areas of expertise focus on what works to give you results that matter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We get your website to rank on the first page of Google for all keywords relevant to your business, sending traffic of ready-to-buy customers to your website.
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Email Marketing

We grow your email list organically and through proprietary techniques, and keep your audience engaged. Please note that we do not sell or rent email lists.
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Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media pages for growth and engagement. We also run Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ads and influencer campaigns.
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

We create and manage profitable search page ad campaigns for your business, across multiple platforms.
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Content Marketing

We help engage, educate and delight your audience by creating relevant articles, newsletters, infographics, videos and more.
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Landing Pages

We create beautiful, conversion-driven landing pages that explode sales by constantly turning leads to customers.
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Digital Marketing FAQs

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing involves a range of activities aimed at getting your website, business, or brand noticed and interacted with online. It includes strategies like optimizing your website, using social media and reviews, running paid ads, and more. A key aspect of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), which focuses on improving your visibility in search results.

What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing various marketing strategies and campaigns in the online realm. some of the duties of a digital marketer includes:

  • Developing digital marketing strategies
  • Website and content management
  • Social media management
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics and reporting

Hiring a skilled digital marketer can be highly beneficial. They bring expertise, experience, and industry insights to help you create and execute effective online

What is B2B digital marketing?

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing refers to the strategic activities undertaken by one business to promote its products or services to other businesses. In simpler terms, it involves the process of businesses marketing and selling their offerings to other businesses rather than individual consumers.

What is digital marketing analytics?

Digital marketing analytics encompasses the evaluation and measurement of a company’s digital marketing endeavours. It extends beyond conventional web analytics, encompassing factors like user engagement, CTR, conversions, session duration, and bounce rate, while also focusing on predefined goals and objectives to gauge performance accurately.

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of digital marketing that involves promoting websites or businesses through paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM primarily revolves around search engine advertising, commonly known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

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