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Dedicated email hosting in Nigeria

Enjoy enhanced security and seamless communication, enabling efficient collaboration among team members with reliable uptime and ample storage. Boost your professionalism and productivity with our top-notch email hosting service
Plans & Pricing
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Management Strategy

The first thing our agency will do is develop an email marketing strategy for your business. It will define the “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign. We will then craft a content strategy to determine what your brand’s message should be and how we will add value. And finally, we will determine when emails will be sent and how their progress will lead to your marketing funnel.

email management analysis
Research & Insight

We will carry out in-depth research on you, and your business and determine who will be the best audience to target. We’ll integrate your contacts and create lead magnets to develop your email list. This normally consists of developing lead magnets, or offers, that incentivize people to provide you with their email addresses in exchange for something of value.

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Create & Deploy

Our email hosting company will design email templates that reflect your business and perform list segmentation. These emails will be deployed using best practices for user privacy, email deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. The content within your emails may include relevant blogs, case studies, upcoming events, and more.

email management monitor and evaluate
Monitor Evaluate & Report

We will perform routine maintenance to purge unengaged subscribers from your email list to avoid a negative impact on your email deliverability. We will monitor your contacts’ engagement to ensure that you have an engaged email list and send you monthly reports to check your email marketing performance. Inclusive metrics are subscribers, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Our Packages

As the best email hosting company, we offer the right plan, at the right price, based on the number of contacts. Monthly support is included! Buy now!

1,245.00 / month
Renew @ ₦1,245.00
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
  • Mailboxes Size 10GB
  • Full-Featured Webmail
  • Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP)
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  • CardDAV & CalDAV
  • Integrated Portal Page
  • Self-Service Migration Tool
2,495.00 / month
Renew @ ₦2,495.00
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
  • Mailboxes Size 25GB
  • Integrated Portal Page
  • Cloud File Storage 25GB
  • Online Office Suite
  • Create / Edit Word Docs
  • Create / Edit Spreadsheets
  • Create / Edit PowerPoint

What We Do

Opt-in to email marketing agency services: it’s efficient, convenient, and economical. Email marketing helps you reach existing customers and new markets alike. We grow your business with powerful emails and newsletters, design templates, strategy, deployment, audit, and tracking — and better engage your customers. Da-Manager’s ROI Roadmap is a custom email marketing analysis of your current digital marketing strategy to discover what’s working and what’s not, and provide you with our agency’s sharpest recommendations and digital marketing solutions for improving your ROI on every level—step by step, starting now.

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Drive Sales With Lead Generation Emails

Email marketing is the most personalized way you can connect with your contacts and audience. Go straight to your customers’ inboxes, and meet them where they already are! Manage them with ease. Turning contacts into customers is awesome, but managing these emails can be hectic! especially for busy professionals like you. Our intention is to save you time, money, and resources by taking the load off you and your team

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ROI-Driven Email Services

As an email hosting company, we help you develop and execute personalized email marketing campaigns to drive traffic and promote conversions. No more hiding in the spam folders! Our talented design and content gurus will grab the attention of new and old customers to deliver an advanced email marketing campaign for your company.

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Best email hosts in Nigeria

Experience Seamless Communication with Our Premium Email Hosting Services

Allow us to introduce you to the Da-Manager premium email hosting services and the numerous benefits they can bring to your organization.

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Reliable and Secure Communication:

With our email hosting services, you can bid farewell to unreliable and unprofessional free email providers. Our robust infrastructure ensures that your emails are delivered promptly, allowing you to maintain constant and reliable communication with your stakeholders. We prioritize security, employing state-of-the-art encryption protocols and advanced spam filtering mechanisms to safeguard your sensitive data and protect your business from cyber threats.

Enhanced Professionalism:

When it comes to building a credible brand image, every detail counts. By utilizing our email hosting services, you can create a professional and consistent email address that aligns with your business domain (e.g., [email protected]). This not only enhances your brand identity but also instills trust and credibility among your recipients. Leave a lasting impression with every email you send and elevate your business’s professionalism to new heights.

Collaboration Made Easy:

In today’s collaborative work environments, effective teamwork is essential. Our email hosting services offer seamless integration with popular productivity tools, such as calendars, task managers, and document-sharing platforms. Stay organized, schedule meetings effortlessly, and collaborate with team members in real time, all within the familiar and convenient email interface. Boost productivity, streamline workflows, and foster efficient collaboration across your organization.

Best email hosting company in Nigeria

Frequently asked questions

How do I make payment?

We will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month, we accept BACS payment and PayPal.

What will you need from me to run my campaign?

Apart from access to your email marketing account, it helps to provide us with lifestyle images, ideas for content, a website, a blog and anything else that will aid us in running the campaign. We will also need information about your target audience. We will send you a questionnaire to fill on at the start of the campaign.

Can I cancel?

Pay-as-you-go customers can cancel with one week’s notice. As we schedule one week in advance, you may be charged for a small amount of work carried out in the month you cancel. Clients on a 6-month contract will need to discuss cancellation with us and this will be concluded on a case-by-case basis.

I need a large campaign with lots of planning, can you help?

Most definitely. Please call us to discuss your requirements further and we can create a tailored quotation for you

Do I get to see posts before they are published?

We can provide you with a list of content suggestions one week in advance of them being published. This gives you a chance to review content and make comments.

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