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Growth is not an accident. For your business to grow, you must have a marketing strategies… So, we’ll be looking at Marketing Strategies To Attract & Convert Website Visitors.

In a sea of never-ending changes to the digital landscape that we call the internet, there seems to always be a new way to market your business and attract new customers to your website. While newcomers to the field of online marketing seem to chase one strategy after another, the veterans in the field know that there are only a select number of methods that actually work.

The difference between those chasing the newest and hottest strategies and those that truly understand the mechanics of marketing and customer acquisition is that the principles and fundamentals of sales don’t actually change. Whether we’re talking about online or offline mediums, these so-called marketing truths, if you will, always remain the same.

For example, one tried and true principle in business over the ages has been that a customer who receives something for free is always more willing to buy something from you as opposed to someone who has not. This is called the reciprocity principle. Consumers feel obligated to purchase from you after having received something pro bono, so to speak.

As a business person, if you are looking for ways to attract more visitors to your business website, or you want to utilise inbound marketing techniques to grow your small business,

Eliv8 share their 21 steps to inbound marketing success in this infographic.

They break things down into the following sections:

• Attract visitors
• Convert leads
• Close customers
• Delight fans

Check out the infographic for more detail.

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This article was originally published in 14 May 2019. It was most recently updated in December 19, 2022 by Wise

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