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Business owners come up with a name for their domain using a variety of reasons that may be unique to them. The timeline for choosing also varies. But how much does it matter when businesses decide to buy their domains? Here we’ll explore more.

Time to decide

There are several general requirements for a domain name to succeed. It must be short and easy to type, with the right keywords, avoiding numbers and hyphens. Local targeting is recommended, such as incorporating a country code extension like .AU to let customers know where the business operates. The name also has to be fairly memorable, with the appropriate domain extension to go with it.

These suggested practices are easy enough to follow, but can be made more complex if the chosen name has already been registered. A lot of extensions are available as an alternative option, or the business can just start all over again and find another name.

Most people tend to decide on their latest domain name as soon as they have the idea to set up their website, whether for online business or for personal use.

Level of satisfaction

A national survey previously conducted by Wakefield Research had shown that about half of small business owners ended up not completely satisfied with their domain name. More than half would opt to change their existing domain name, if given the opportunity.

Several contributing factors could lead to this mindset. The study also showed that most small business owners lacked the knowledge to make informed decisions on purchasing domain names.

Consequences of domain naming

Domain names are the equivalent of business cards in the online world. Having the right name can lead to more opportunities for the business. This is why careful consideration must be done.

Naming too early in the idea stage can lead to some terrible domain names. Unfortunately, these get preserved on business cards for years.
Registering too early pushes Australian customers who cannot register a .AU without an ABN to select a lesser known TLD. As a result, they miss the chance to build a solid online presence.

Opportunities for localised reach and confidence in their brand will not be readily established.

Key takeaway points

Research is the key. The best time to register a domain name is after significant research has been conducted. Businesses need to know the terms people are likely to look into in their particular industry.

Business owners need to know as much as they can about their target audience and conduct several brainstorming sessions before making a final decision. This way, all angles would be considered and the value of the chosen domain name is clear.

Domain names, like everything else that relates to business, need research and proper decision-making. While many domain name providers offer affordable registration, the value of the domain should not be taken lightly. It is the first thing that customers will know and keep in mind about the business, so careful study and decision-making are necessary.


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