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What type of font have you used on your business website? Are you wondering what emotions your font choice elicits in your website visitors?

Not every font style works well on a website, so choosing the style first, and then the font is important. The most common styles are Serif and Sans Serif. But there are also Display fonts, Modern fonts and Script (or handwriting) styles. Script fonts should never be used unless an overly stylized approach is expected, such as for wedding planners or craft stores. Display and Modern fonts can be good for headlines or subheads on a website, but should be used sparingly. Nor is every font readable when used in the body of the website. Something that is too skinny or too wide will be hard on the eyes and difficult to read.

Even if you don’t want to stray away from the fonts used most commonly on a website (such as Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman), consider combining a font with more style in the headlines or callouts to add to your firm’s personality. Fonts with clean lines and a thinner weight will convey a more modern and progressive firm. Older style fonts, like Times or Trajan, will convey responsibility and trust.

Back in the early days of website design, web font options were limited. You had to use the basic system fonts like Helvetica, Times, Courier and Verdana, which were available for all computers and browsers. As the internet has grown and download speeds have expanded, we now have the option to use fonts outside the basic computer system. These fonts can be purchased or may be free to use, depending on the font house licensing agreement. Just like the images you have placed on your website, these fonts will download along with the web page to enhance the visitor experience.

Discover what the different font styles say about your business in this infographic.

They cover the following types:

• Serif
• Sans serif
• Script
• Modern
• Display

Check out the infographic for more detail.

website font=========================================================

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This article was originally published in 25 July 2019. It was most recently updated in November 29, 2022 by Wise

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