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Several elements affect the cost of a website. This article covers 8 factors that affect the cost of website design in Nigeria. When a brand decides to build a website, the curiosity to know the cost of a website design is the first step taken to launch the process of acquiring a website. This enquiry helps the company to have a feasible budget for the acquisition of the website.

The cost of a website design varies all over the world. The cost is generated by the total number of features needed to build the website.  The purchase of a website has no fixed price. The cost of a website design can be as cheap as Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000) and as expensive as millions. Most often, many brands choose a website with low-cost implications. 

However, the priority of a website is the quality of the website, this is because the money spent on creating a website is always generated many times only if the website is functioning properly.

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8 factors that influence the cost of website design in Nigeria include:

  1. The complexity of the Website: This implies the total features a website needs. The more functional keys (online stores, users log in, email marketing, e-commerce, membership registration sector) a website needs, the more complex and detailed development it requires. Thereby, affecting the cost of the website design.
  2.  Copywriting: This implies the size of the website. The size (number of pages) of the content management system a website needs also determine the cost of the website design. For example:
    • A small website needs View Post1-20 pages to build its website size. This is because it requires simple programming with little or no special sections. This type of website is used by start-up or small scale business. 
    • A medium website needs 20-40 pages. It requires complex customize programming and special features. This type of website is used by big companies that require e-commerce.
    • A large website requires a minimum of 40 pages and above. It requires many customized features like content pages, research content, technical components, catalogue, photo gallery, calendar, and product display, detailed content development. This type of website is used by large companies whose sales medium is through a website
  3. Content Management: This is the top priority of a website because it shows if a website has high quality and is capable of contributing to the success of the survival of the website. Effective content management requires time, configuring, and customization design. This factor affects the cost of a website design. 
  4. Accessibility and Navigation: The amount of time used to test the website for the functionality of access and navigation on the site with no complaint about usability on any device, also affect the price of the website.
  5. Present or Absent of E-Commerce: While the presence of e-commerce in a website can increase the cost of a website because of the several activities(payment medium, security) it can perform, the absence of e-commerce can reduce the cost of a website.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: The cost of a website design increases when there is a demand for new SEO content at different intervals. Thus, providing quality SEO to become visible on a favourable post in Google search list, a lot of time and research is required and this factor also contributes to the cost.
  7. Website Style or  Design: This refers to the site’s visible face to its visitors. Website is distinct from each other through the style. Also, the structure of a website style can increase or reduce costs. Therefore, the amount of time and number of designs needed to create and structure the website’s style affect the cost. Website style includes a Home page, product page, contact page, blog entry page.
  8. Integration of Database: ln order to integrate the database into your website, it requires detailed technical knowledge and experience to solve possible present and futuristic issues. This process also affects the cost of creating a website.
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In conclusion, the number of features a website needs as requested by the client(s) determines the cost of the website. In need of professional help? Da-manager can help create a functional website to achieve your desired expectation. We make use of the best technology and strategies to enable you to deliver the best visual and navigating experience for visitors when they visit your website. Talk to us today for more information at

This article was originally published in 17 February 2021. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by Wise

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