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So, you’ve launched a new website for your business, you’re looking for ways to generate targeted website traffic, and you want to know how to optimise your site for Google?

Springboard Marketing share their beginners guide to onsite SEO in this info-graphic.

They share 12 steps, but 2 of them should be discounted:

  1. H1 / Post Title
  2. H2 / Subheading
  3. Alt Tag
  4. Image File Name
  5. Page Title
  6. Post Content
  7. URL
  8. Breadcrumbs
  9. Meta Description
  10. Keyword Density – Ignore this, just make sure your on page content sounds natural to reader
  11. Google Authorship – Ignore this, Authorship is no longer in use
  12. Page Load Speed

Check out their info-graphic for more detail.

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