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Social media channels are phenomenal mediums to use for connecting and engaging with customers. For those businesses with an artistic flair, Pinterest should be a platform your focus on establishing a brand presence. As an experienced website development company, we understand the value using social media platforms can bring to a business so today we wanted to share our Top Tips for using Pinterest to get customers.

With 175 million active users as of April this year and over 75 billion pins, the once fledgling network has crafted a strong niche for itself in the world of social media that rates especially high with the female demographic. It is a very powerful site for showcasing work and creating organic growth.

Top Tips for using Pinterest

  • Use a Business Account – If you plan on making money via Pinterest make sure to get a free business account. It is a very easy process and then provides access to analytics.
  • Use Keywords – You can and should use keyword-rich descriptions on every pin. This will help people find your pins more easily when they are searching categories. Of course you can add more to a pin than just keywords, but make sure not to forget them! Keywords can also be included in board titles and board descriptions.
  • Review and Edit – Prior to posting and after posting take the time to review and edit. Sometimes things look different after they have been posted and you want to avoid cluttering images with text or other visual miscues that might lead to people overlooking your efforts.
  • Be Organized – Some people pin without rhyme or reason. It is much more effective to have boards well organized and structured including the theme and title.
  • Use Contests – Pinterest is a fun site and as such it helps if you join into that theme. Staging regular contests are a familiar social media marketing tactic that has been proven to work very well on this channel primarily because there is often more passion involved with things people are interested in.
  • Follow and Re-Pin – The basic idea for any site like Pinterest, Facebook, etc is that they are a social site so much that it is even in the genre name – social media. The most effective businesses using social media understand this and look to be as social as possible, In the case of Pinterest that means following the more active of your followers along with re-pinning things they pin.
  • Promoted Pins – Paid promotion has become increasingly popular lately and for good reason; it works. With increased visibility they can really push quality pin. The keys for promoted pins are fairly simple. You need to use this option for your higher quality, authentic pin and make sure you have it directed to a strong landing page.
  • Start Group Boards – By starting a group board and inviting collaboration you can help boost traffic and create engagement. You can also look to join group boards that relate to your business niche or that you are interested in.
  • Build the Mailing List – You can create an image for your landing page for your email list and then pin that with a link to your landing page. This is an easy way to help increase your list.
  • Use Analytics – If you never take the time to measure your results, how do you know if the juice was worth the squeeze? Using Pinterest Analytics is a must because along with gauging the success or failure of marketing efforts you can also gain important insights of your customers.

The bottom line is that social media platforms should be an important part of both your branding and marketing strategies. For businesses and brands with more artistic flavor, Pinterest is a great site to engage customers with. Our top tips for using Pinterest to get customers provide solid ideas to help get the most out of your efforts.

Source: Lounge Lizard

This article was originally published in 22 June 2017. It was most recently updated in April 26, 2024 by Isaiah

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