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Are you experiencing a bad time with a client? Looking for creative ways to handle a difficult client without being rude or insensitive?
Ciplex shares their guide to deal with difficult clients in this infographic.

Here are the types of client that they profile:

Mr I’m not really sure what I want
Mr I assumed that was included
Mr I needed this done yesterday
Mr everything’s an emergency
Mrs we need it tomorrow
Mr I don’t really care, just do what you want
Mrs I care so much that it hurts
Ms I don’t know what I want, but I know it isn’t that
Mr will this cost extra
Mr what’s a weekend
Mrs I hate that colour for no reason
Mrs won’t this take 5 minutes
Mr / Mrs / Ms decision by committee
Ms Lurker
Mrs what you did was great, but now we want something different

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Top 15 Ways To Deal With Difficult Clients


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This article was originally published in 17 July 2018. It was most recently updated in January 25, 2020 by Isaiah

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