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People are becoming more selective about where to go online and how long they should stay in that particular online space. What’s more, websites are not excluded from this list because online users are more interested in discovering relevant content that they need. Thus, brands are in regular competition of using their top 12 website features  (in terms of optimising content, web design and navigation) as leverage to retain their audience’s limited time attention.

Hence, integrating the top 12 website features web users are looking for on your website will make your brand accumulate an increasing number of more users surfing online to your site.

Top Website Features

    • Fast Load Time
    • Simplified Site Navigation
    • Responsive and Intuitive Web Design
    • Relevant Optimised Content
    • Description of your Business and Product Visuals
    • Social Media Links Integration
    • Call to Action
    • Company Blog 
    • Well Planned Information Hierarchy
    • Contact and Location Information
    • Testimonials and Case Studies
    • Live Chat
  1. Fast Load Time: Customers’ behavioural patterns have changed tremendously in recent years. Following the ever-increasing business websites, web users are impatient with a website that has a low speed. When a website speed is slow, web visitors will leave your website for your competitors’ site and never return to yours. A website with relevant content and responsive design without fast speed will render such a website useless. So web visitors watch out for how fast or slow your website speed is to determine if they should stay on your site or leave
  2. Simplified Site Navigation:  Good navigation is a vital aspect of a website’s usability and should be clutter-free while providing the needed information. Web users are in haste and prefer websites that offer options for their users to effectively navigate and explore the site. So, websites that are easy to access and navigate makes web users stay longer on their site while websites that have complex navigation loses potential customers. Hence, create visible logical navigation with a clear hierarchy to minimize dead ends. In addition, a website is useless without clear navigation and complex navigation pattern must be avoided.Website Feature
  3. Responsive and Intuitive Web Design: Offering a top-notch website capable of retaining your target audience requires your website to incorporate a responsive and intuitive web design. A functional website that attracts and retain site visitors are those websites that are optimised to work on any platform especially on mobile devices. Catchy web design makes the website content appealing to read and also gives the site a reputable physical appearance. Using drastic design shifts will make your website users confuse and they may leave your site. Most visitors prefer updated website appearances that aren’t overwhelming and is mobile responsive.
  4. Relevant Optimised Content: Many web visitors surf the internet for information and will quickly exit a site when the website’s content is irrelevant to what they need. The website’s content should contain tailored information that is pertinent to the business. Optimising your web content increases your chance of satisfying your target users intended needs. Web users have a short span of attention and as such only relevant website content that speaks the language of the target, users must be used.
  5. Description of your Business and Product Visuals:  Many users have limited attention time and so expects to see brief detailed information about the business and the images of product and services they offer when they skim through the website. Web visitors like to put a face to a brand, which is why adding your business stories and why you do what you do on your website are important to generating leads for your site from your web visitors.
  6. Social Media Links Integration: People expects to see social media profile links on a website as an alternative for them to learn more about the company and its services or products. Social media links integration provide valid social proof for users to verify the company’s legitimacy across platforms. Most people prefer more personal interactions with companies through their social media handles. Integrating social media links on your website will boost your SEO, increase your social media platforms authority and your business’s dominance on the social web.

    Website features
  7. Call to Action: Many people expect to see the call to action buttons on a website and if your site asked nothing from the visitors, they will not act. Whatever you want your web users to do, they expect you to specifically tell them through a carefully crafted call to action.
  8. Company Blog: Many people also visit websites to read some of the company’s blog posts as they consider them useful in satisfying their peculiar needs. It enhances a brand’s identity and authority over time among the target audience through fresh and current blog posts.
  9. Well-Planned Information Hierarchy: The hierarchical display of information determines how the visitors perceive the site usability. If the information is displayed haphazardly, web users will lose interest in the site and exit such a website. Plan your website information in chronological sections and categories so that users can easily find what they are looking for.
  10. Contact and Location Information: Your users expect that your contact and location information should be readily available and easy to find on your website. When your contact information is hidden, it makes the visitors frustrated and leave your site. Surely, you do not want to make your visitors chase after you to get in touch with you because they won’t. Many people who scroll down to the footer of a website are on a mission to find information about the business like contact and location information. People search online adding locations closest to them and when you include your location in your website you might get them to be on your side.
  11. Testimonials and Case Studies: Many web visitors search for testimonials on a website to ascertain if the company is reliable or not. Websites without testimonials have a low-performance rate because the users have no trust in it and may likely check out as a result of this. People like to see case studies of real-life projects that the brand has already accomplished to enable them to trust the brand with their projects.
  12. Live Chat: Many users are impatient to visit the frequently asked question (FAQ) section for the information they are searching for, they prefer the live chat support option. Statistics has it that most users opt for websites that have live chat support and abandons websites that don’t have it.Top website features

When developing or updating a website, the target audience preference should be taken into consideration. Therefore, incorporate the top 12 website features web users are looking for in your website updates to have a high website success rate. This will make your website’s usability good and provide a flawless experience for your users. Are you looking to build a new website or update your website? Then contact us Da-Manager and be rest assured of having the top 12 website features web users are looking for will be integrated into your website.

This article was originally published in 7 December 2021. It was most recently updated in June 28, 2024 by Isah Progress

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