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Choosing the right domain name for your business website is one of the most critical aspects of creating a digital footprint. Your domain name has to be engaging enough to catch the eye, evoke your business in the mind’s eye of anyone who sees it, and memorable. But what do you do when your perfect domain name is already taken? Domains once registered by another user are referred to as aftermarket, or secondary market domains. They become available for purchase when they expire, or when the owner decides to sell it. These domains often hold great inbound link, traffic, and branding value. Some are sold for as high as millions. Need to know the basics of buying an already registered domain name?
Who Is Hosting This share their step by step guide on how to buy a registered domain name in this infographic.

Here’s what they suggest:

How it works
Why it works
Measuring domain value
Test a domain before buying it

Step By Step Guide On How To Buy A Registered Domain Name


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This article was originally published in 5 November 2018. It was most recently updated in April 18, 2024 by Wise

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