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So you’ve heard the term SSL a few times before, but you’re not sure what it is or how it affects your business website?

SSL encrypts the information sent between your website and a visitor’s browser so that it cannot be intercepted by hackers. You can tell if a website uses it as they will have a padlock next to their web address at the top of your browser (like we do).

Google wants all websites to run over a secure connection, so much so they’ve even stated it will give your site a ranking boost.

But 2017 could see the game changed completely, with error and warning messages popping up if you don’t have one. What effect could that have on your business?

SSL Shop share the importance of SSL in this infographic.

What It Is Why EVERY Website Owner Will Need It In

This article was originally published in 16 November 2017. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by

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