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Social media marketing tips to grow your business is essential to facilitate high awareness in the mind of the users for business transactions. What is Social media? It is the interactions among people in which they create and exchange information, ideas in virtual networks and communities. The power of social media is the ability to connect and distribute information to many people at the same time. It is also internet-based and gives users quick electronic communication of content. What is social media marketing? It is a form of internet marketing that makes use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive website traffic to acquire and retain prospective customers.

According to Internet World Stats, social media has over 3.96 billion users globally, which confirms that 63% of the population of the world is currently on social media. The most growing web page-based platform is social media. It has a variety of tech-based enabled activities such as blogging, photo sharing, social gaming, social networks, video and picture sharing, business networks, virtual worlds, reviews, and many more. 

For businesses, it is an indispensable tool because it plays a major role in helping businesses to strive for maximum success. One-fifth of every internet user frequently uses social media daily. Many businesses have harnessed the social media platform to acquire fame and relevance for their businesses through its ever-increasing users. 


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The below information shows the need why every business needs social media to reach the highest audience globally; The numbers of users for some of the social media platform as of January 2021 include Facebook – 2.701 billion users, YouTube – 2 Billion users,  Whatsapp – 2 Billion, Messenger – 1.3 Billion users, Wechat – 1.206 Billion users, Instagram – 1.158 Billion users, Linkedin – 0.766 Billion users, Tik Tok – 0.689 Billion users, Twitter- 0.353 Billion users.

From the above social media users summary, we can assert that Kate Denison’s statement which says “ The truth is that your clients, existing and potential are spending a substantial amount of time online” is true. This means Internet users are either surfing, listening, watching, learning, purchasing or working and businesses through their platform can use this knowledge to their benefits.

The usefulness of social media marketing tips includes increasing brand awareness, reaching potential clients, building a brand’s credibility and reliability to foster better relationships with clients, and retaining old and new client’s loyalty to the brand.

There are several social media marketing tips to develop a business and some of these tips are discussed below: 

    1. Retain Same Design of Branding Page: A brand’s social media profile is the first impression of the brand to its potential clients. So when a brand’s virtual is the same across all its platforms, it shows the brand’s orderliness and cohesiveness. This approach gives the brand a unique social media presence needed to gain the trust of its users.

    3. Build a Good SEO Content for your Profile: A precise and concise SEO content of a brand’s profile provides the perfect description of what the brand entails for clarification and easy understanding for the clients. Hence, never neglect the role of the brand’s profile section of all the accounts. Ensure that the brand’s profile description maintains the same SEO content on all accounts. The SEO used should be linked to any keywords that are relevant to the brand. use hashtags to make the brand more visible on the search volume.

    5. Display Clients Reviews: Social proof of evidence influences the majority of new client’s decisions. Displaying reviews helps to convince users that you are the best choice in the game. A brand’s reviews give more realistic details which are more believable to the clients than an X-star rate.

    7. Import the Services of Social Media Listening Tools: One major way of achieving this is by following relevant hashtags. Respond to leads, an inquiry from users in a polite and timely manner proves to your clients that you listen to them. Use social media listening tools such as keyhole and sprout social to listen to conversations to gain a more personal level with clients and keep up with your competitors. Through this method, the brand finds out what the most prominent clients want at the moment and also provides the brand with new ideas to incorporate.

    9. Join Groups: Joining groups that share similar interests with the brand gives the brand feedback that can accelerate the business’s growth, save time in proffering solutions to possible present and futuristic problems. Also, by joining groups a brand can leverage the connections and conversations shared on the groups.

    11. Display Work Sample: Let your users know after completing a project that has likeable personalised features as a way of providing a visual display of the brand’s variety of products and services.

    13. Use Flexible and Creative Content: A brand’s content should show creativity to draw the client’s attention. ln your content, inculcate the use of video, infographics, custom graphics, motion graphics rather than always sending out a simple plain message.

    15. Tag Related Content: Share knowledge about an interesting article, a helpful resource, or relevant update and tag people or groups in your contact’s list. Showing support for your network through pleasant acknowledging of other good works by tagging such brands can secure your brand a notice from such companies. This can make many people in the contact list of such companies who aren’t aware of your brand visit your account

    17. Make Use of Social Media Ads: Social Media ads are cheaper than television ads. Ads on social media can achieve the same results that television ads bring. A few years from now, social media ads will take over television ads. The best platform recommended for social media ads is Facebook and Instagram ads.

    19. Push for Traffic through Blogging: Blogging is one of the major ways to generate more traffic to the brand’s website. By linking posts on social media about an article found on the website, you acquire new leads to your website. Blogging provides the opportunity for a brand to rank in search engines. The more factual content a brand shares in its account, the more domineering and visible present it has. This consistency in content creation will help the brand rank in search engines. These blog posts could be an article, podcasts, and webinars. Implement developing video content that has good SEO so that the brand can have a good rank on YouTube searches. A shorter version of this video should be uploaded to all accounts with an attachment of a link to see the full video.

    21.  Implement the Fun Contests: Contests can be used as a fun way to give back and engage people to stick with your brand. Some contests may not require detailed information about those participating, other contests require detailed information that the brand can reach out to in the nearest future.

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In conclusion, you can start using any of the above social media marketing tips today on your social media platforms to grow and develop your brand as a reliable and credible brand. At DaManager, we manage social media accounts for brands that require such services from us alongside our other services that we render. Reach us today

This article was originally published in 3 March 2021. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by Wise

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