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Customer relationship is quite important in any business, besides the obvious part of them always being right, they are also unpaid ambassadors and marketers of your brand! A good customer service is one of the most important “thank you” you can offer in return to win your customers and get good reviews, particularly online and offline. Need points on how to do that?
TrustPilot share their take on how trust and good customer service affects an overall customer experience, help win your customers and why it all matters in this infographic.

They break things down into the following stats:

85% of consumers would be persuaded to shop elsewhere due to a good customer experience. Reviews show how great you are
In 4yrs… customer experience will be a leading brand differentiator
58% are more likely to tell others about their customer services experiences today than they were five years ago
12x more: Reviews are 12x trusted than marketing from an organisation
67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews
76% say they see how a company treats them as a real test of their value
86% will pay more for a good customer experience. Make sure your reputation sells for you

Check out the infographic for more detail.

How To Influence and Win Your Customers


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