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What does online success rely on? For one, an effectively managed social media such as Facebook can drive massive amounts of traffic to your business website. Social media helps your online presence a good deal.

Website traffic is essential to your business. However, that’s not the end goal. What is? It’s the sales conversion! Many business websites get lots of traffic, but fail to get conversions.

Your online presence hardly matters if you won’t be able to convert the traffic you’re getting into successful transactions. All your nerve-wracking effort at posting catchy updates and wonderful photos will be fruitless if these lead your customers to a website that turns them off.

This not only ruins the opportunity, but also your website’s reputation. Why would a customer return to a website that gave them an unsavory experience?

How you run your website matters. This is where you crucially need to hold and impress your audience. It’s where you’re supposed to give it your best and to go for gold.

You don’t want to waste a potential sale all because your website looks bad. Now that competition between businesses is tighter than ever, you must make your website stand out online.

Here are a few ways on how you can start building your business website for success.

Simplify your website.

If your website looks cramped, with too many links, customers won’t stay for long and will instead immediately close the tab and move on.

Think of your website as a physical store. Fill it with whatever pleases your customer, but be careful enough not to overcrowd it. Even though you should focus on keeping customers clicking once they arrive at your website, be aware that your end goal is to get a transaction.

Keep your website’s flow smooth and simple. It’s essential that customers get used to your website quickly so they can enjoy browsing with ease. Easy browsing makes for successful transactions.

Humanise your website.

Your business – and with it your website – must have something like a personality, so that your customers can easily connect with you on a personal level. Be clear about the values and ideals your business stands for.

Show yourself or your team on your website. Use real photos. Don’t make your customers feel you are strangers with each other. Rapport must be built as early as possible. A friendly brand is always a customer favourite.

Then, make it easy for them to reach you, through online chat support or a number they can call any time. Hook your customers by making a friendly atmosphere within your website.

Update your website content often.

Never give your customers the impression that yours is some abandoned website. Show that your website is active and look for ways to give them better services. Post new quality content at least once a week or make announcements. But don’t post for the sake of posting. Make sure it’s relevant to your website.

Value web hosting.

Get your website a faster loading speed. Most of your audience expects your website to load in less than 5 seconds. So seek a good web host. Remember that a slow website, no matter how good it looks, is a big turn off for customers. Let them feel that you always value their time and patience. You won’t want to lost that interested costumer just because your website didn’t load in time.

Keep your website trustworthy.

Don’t ever forget proofreading. Typos and grammatical errors give a bad first impression and encourage doubts about your business.

Around 70% of online shoppers cancel their transactions because they do not trust the website. As far as possible, do everything to make your website credible, professional, and worth the time your customers spend browsing.

Lastly, do not hesitate to seek for professional help. Web experts help can you a great deal, and they have some tools to tweak your website in great ways. They can guide you through the process, and you can even learn a lot from them.

This article was originally published in 11 April 2018. It was most recently updated in May 3, 2024 by Wise

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