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Having a sophisticated and vibrantly designed website can create a huge impact on your sales and conversion leads. According to research, about 46.1% of site visitors base a company’s credibility upon the design of their website, and you need to be on the other 53.1% of that statistic. Are you looking to build your business website?
Alt Agency shares their guide on the best ways to boost your conversion rates while keeping a good web design in this article.


Here’s what they suggest:

Too many options

A good website designer decides which events should take priority and will provide one key objective on each page; by limiting the choices available, e.g. creating a landing page with a call to action button or limiting the items on the navigation bar. This can automatically boost your conversion rates.

Time or speed is of the essence

Website loading speed should load fast and be of optimum speed. A slow loading time is likely to face a 7% reduction in valuable conversions! Check your page speed by using one of the many online tools available i.e. TestMySite.

Space is valuable, especially negative

Negative spaces refer to all of the white space on your pages. This helps for content readability and scanning. Negative spaces can be added in subtle ways like leaving enough space between letters, breaking up large blocks of text in smaller blocks and including plenty of white space when it comes to your headers, footers, sidebars and body of the page.

Colour rules

Colour influences psychology, it can turn a site visitor to customer leading to better conversions. Choose suitable colours that communicate the right message, use contrast tones correctly for texts, headlines and CTA (call to action) buttons; font and button colours should contrast clearly against the background.

Grab attention, quickly!

Your engagement time is 8 seconds, that how long visitors connect or detach from your website. A few engagement tactics for success are: use great headlines that are short and targeted, ensure that images are eye-catching and inspire action, make your sign-ups unmissable and clear, ensure that your copywriter uses powerful words and if they do go to exit, use an animated pop-up that might make them think twice.

Feature happy people

Create a persona using your happiest and most professional photograph. This can help the site visitor connect more and become familiar with your brand. If you decide on stock images, use images that totally convey your company culture and visitors can relate to.

Quality images

Use compelling, attractive and persuasive images that tell your brands’ story, these can go a long way to giving you instant appeal to your sites visitors. You can optimize these images using Photoshopping tools to avoid a slow website.


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