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Email marketing can be an effective way to nurture potential clients, retain existing ones and help drive sales to certain products that are otherwise invisible. Are you just getting started with an email marketing strategy for your business? That’s good! However, you definitely do not want to start bombarding total strangers with a virtual ton of unsolicited emails as a viable marketing strategy. So, how do you ensure that your emails get through those pesky spam filters and frustrated subscribers?

Fortunately, we have just the goody guideline for you…

Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Follow

Adestra shares this guide on 6 email marketing best practices you should follow in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary of email marketing best practices:

    • Spam lingo to avoid

Spam filters are very sophisticated, so you must, by all means, avoid certain spam keywords like “free”, “click here”, “buy now”, avoid all caps, multiple special character signs, remove invalid HTML tags, hidden texts, grammar errors, anything that will reach a predetermined threshold.

    • Spray and pray approach

Segmenting your email lists helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results.

    • Failure to keep your data clean and up to date

Occasionally Clean up your database to avoid decay. Manage recipients, update old/expired data and clean invalid/duplicate data.

    • Email overload

Have a calendar for email marketing, do not flood mailboxes with emails, it is quite annoying and will cause subscribers to unsubscribe and blacklist you.

    • Using purchased lists

Do not send unsolicited emails. Legitimate email marketing campaigns are one in which the recipients have opted-in and added themselves to your mailing list. Sending to bought-in lists can be damaging to your email deliverability and IP reputation, this can cause email sending applications like MailChimp to blacklist you. Always do a periodic IP address check to know if your IP address has been listed on an anti-spam database.

  • No unsubscribe link

With the recent GDPR rules and regulations underway, it will be quite damaging to your brand to not include an unsubscribe button with a straightforward navigable link.

Check out the infographic for more.

Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Follow

Are you currently handling email campaigns for your business, what steps are you taking? We would like to hear from you in the comment section.


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This article was originally published in 3 September 2019. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by Wise

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