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Email is the essence of online marketing, it might seem like an easy process, But it is one complicated task.
Not to worry. Here are steps to follow to make sure that you get your welcome email right.

1-Make it smartphone-friendly

Don’t do anything that won’t render on a small screen.Rely on a responsive design

2-Use sub headlines

The 7-10 words in a preview pane at the top of an HTML email are what the recipient will likely see first

3-Be a real person

Write with a point of view—from an actual person to an actual person.

4-Use compelling images

Avoid boring, impersonal stock images in favor of unique ones that don’t appear anywhere else

5-Grade your email

Some email providers include a an assessment option.  Also use a service such as The Readability Test Tool 

6-Include feedback

Give your subscribers a way to share the email as well as get in touch—via share and forward

This article was originally published in 1 March 2018. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by

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