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Facebook ads platform is constantly evolving with new features and functionality being added continually. However, things can get confusing when you’re trying to understand and analyse your campaign results.
This is where you need Facebook pixel; It gives you a better overview of your Ads campaign results and you can analyse your Ads performance quickly.

After implementing Facebook pixel, you will able to access a whole range of new advertising tools and techniques. Want to know how this works? Adespresso shares the Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Optimization for 2018 using Facebook Pixels in this info-graphic.

Let’s give you a summary:

Installing Facebook in 2018
Top benefits of using facebook Pixel
The step by step guide to installing Facebook Pixel
Adding Standard Events to the Pixel code
Defining your Facebook Pixel’s conversions
Navigating the Facebook Pixel Page
Installing Facebook Pixel on WordPress with Pixel Caffeine
Creating Facebook Custom Audiences in WordPress
Quick Recap on Facebook Pixel

Check the infographic for more.


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