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One of the most overlooked aspects of web design and development, particularly amongst start-up entrepreneurs and businessmen, is Linux web hosting. The focus is typically on graphic design and the user interface while hosting plays a crucial part in the performance, flexibility and security of your site as well.

There are several types of hosting packages available. The most important choice is whether you pay for a dedicated server which is faster and more versatile or a shared server which is more affordable and user friendly. Technically-minded web developers can also make use of more specialised options such as:

  • Cloud server hosting
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Colocated web hosting
  • Virtual private servers
  • Virtual dedicated servers
  • Content delivery networks

When developing or upgrading a commercial site, it is also important to choose the service in the right manner. Make sure the disk space, bandwidth, and server performance are suitable for your needs. It is also necessary to ask about additional development services and customer support options. Finally when choosing a web hosting provider, think about their reputation, experience, efficiency, flexibility and affordability.

Of course, the world of web hosting isn’t without its pitfalls. The wrong choice of packages or platforms can result in poor performance which hinders your site’s capabilities and makes it unusable. From badly-coded scripts to high amounts of traffic, there are a number of reasons why your site may seem sluggish. These issues should be sorted out by the web host that you choose.

Hopefully this information and infographic from Nerdster will help make the choice of choosing web hosting much clearer. Whether you develop websites for businesses or are a start-up entrepreneur, this tech area is absolutely necessary. Without it, your site won’t run at all or will at least experience performance issues that make it impossible to browse.


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