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Search Engine Optimization is very important, in fact, according to a recent survey, 96% of marketers use SEO to provide informational and educational content to their audience.
SEO is constantly evolving, with Google readily updating their search algorithms yearly, keeping up can be rather tedious. However, there are some key SEO techniques that will never grow old.
UK WebHost Review shares their guide on how to improve your website SEO techniques and strategies in this article.

Here’s what they 9 strategies they focus on:

How fast is your page?

Patience is a virtue, but not on a website that takes 5 minutes of load time you’ll never get back. Research says: The number of people visiting a website, who have to wait longer than 1.65 seconds for a website to load will leave, once that sweet spot has been exceeded, the conversion rate decreases, less conversion means fewer visitors, less conversion means less potential customers.
Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool allows you to analyze your web pages (Mobile & Desktop Views) and reports back in an out of 100 score. Google will suggest required optimisations, possible optimisations, and optimisations that are already in place in order to improve your website’s page speed.

Google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system used to help sort through its search results database and constantly updates itself. It helps users find what they need on the internet and can turn ambiguous search terms into relevant keywords that point in your website’s direction.

Featured snippets and quick answers!

Featured snippets, in summary, are the quick direct and relevant answers you see at the top of the Google search results page that appear in response to search queries. These “quick” answers are extracted from relevant web pages and will show the webpage’s title and URL to read further. An exciting way to get some SEO love right?
Ensure your website targets the right keywords
Have relevant backlinks
Create content that is relevant to a potentially featured snippet
Create how-tos, Q&A section, or FAQs articles
Use basic SEO techniques for Google ranking

Mobile first…

Mobile responsiveness is the future, it is evident in the stats with about 2.53 billion mobile internet users. With a bad mobile experience, you might just lose valuable conversion rates. Therefore, having a mobile adaptive website is user-friendly and affects your Google ranking.
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool designed to check your website via URL, to display whether the site is mobile-friendly or not, and how to improve it. Site results can be easily submitted to Google from the dashboard if approved.
Are you using a website builder, such as Wix or WordPress? select a mobile responsive theme
Optimise the website content layout
Create a mobile and desktop version of your website
Test your website using multiple browsers and mobile devices

Long tail keywords

These are short phrases that are sprinkled on your webpage to help improve page ranking. Long tail keywords generally known for less competition may not generate as much traffic as shorter keywords, however, they work their magic!

Quality content is king

Create meaningful content that impacts and is relatable to your readers, new and old alike.
Identify your audience, research and brainstorm ideas
Create a content campaign
Use different platforms to broadcast your message for backlinks
Always review and update your content to stay relevant

Update and share something old

Go through your website analytics, and find pages that aren’t doing too well and update them. This can either be poorly written content, outdated information or broken links.

Https is the way to go

HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) data is not encrypted and it can be intercepted by third parties to gather data being passed between browser and server. A secure and Google approved version is HTTPS, hypertext transfer protocol secure. It creates a secure encrypted connection between the web server and the web browser. It prevents card and identity theft.

Connect on social media

These days, everyone and their dog is on social media. It is a huge marketing ground for brands and corporations. In 2017, 71% of internet users were social network users, so get connected and start reaping the traffic, marketing and analysis benefits.
Share relevant posts
Get more followers
Create engagement via interaction


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