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Are you interested in running a blog for your business to attract more prospective clients and also establish your brand as an industry authority in certain topics of your interest?
Jones PR shares 8 essential dos and don’ts of business blogging in this infographic.

Here’s what they suggest:

Write for the long, creating evergreen content
Mix it up by including videos, infographics and other images
Commit to blogging regularly and frequently
Know what drives search results
Continue with consistent social media sharing
Document your content marketing and blog strategy
Develop a clear definition of what your blog is designed to achieve
Know your metrics and use them to improve

Relying strictly on trending topics with a short shelf life
Rely on lots of texts and only texts
Post sporadically or without a plan
Stuff blog posts with keywords
Rely strictly on organic searches
Be like 65% of marketers who have no documented strategy
Lose potential progress or buy-in from management
Ignore analytics that could be used for improvement

Check out the infographic for more detail.

8 Essential Dos And Don’ts Of Business Blogging


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