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Powering over 700 million websites worldwide, WordPress stands as the top blogging software today. (That is 27% of the world’s total websites.) Since its rise in 2003, WordPress made site building easier for everyone. In just a few steps, one can launch a working website. Even without coding skills, one can still customize engaging websites.

Such is the revolutionary approach of WordPress. What started as a blogging platform has now grown into a powerful web content management system (CMS). Not only does WordPress lets you create blogs, it also lets you create a fully functional website.

WordPress is open source — meaning you can use it for free! Great, right? But the even better thing is that there are currently over 2,600 themes and 31,000 plugins available for free! (Take the YOAST plugin for example, which is a great help to generate SEO traffic.)

Now you can almost do anything. Here are 5 of the many great things you can do with WordPress that will fit your specific field.

Blog or Personal Site

WordPress started as a blogging tool in 2013 and has come a long way from that. With all its features and tools polished and matured throughout the years, WordPress definitely stands as the best choice for those who want to start a blog or run a personal website. Simply the most reliable because it’s proven and time tested.


WordPress offers a great space for online portfolios. For photographers, writers, artists, graphic and web designers and developers, etc. WordPress is rich when it comes to themes and plugins — mostly free of charge!

You can upload add albums or whole galleries of your work. This also serves a great starting point for entrepreneurs to experience running their own site.

Organisations and Clubs

Nowadays, a group should have a blog or a website. Having an online identity is necessary. Most people go online now—especially on Facebook — and so are looking forward the announcements, updates, and news to be posted online. Also, WordPress is a great for holding online forums (with its plugin bbPress and other social features).

Schools and Companies

Around the world, WordPress powers hundred thousands of institutions. Because of its powerful content management system, it makes the website easy to manage no matter how large it is.

Businesses, E-commerce, Shops, and Start-Ups

The easiest way to build a professional and engaging website is through WordPress. From big names in business to budding start-ups, WordPress has been a go-to platform. WordPress offers many tools for business websites that let you accept payments, transact deals, do inventory, advertise, effectively manage your business, etc.


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