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Why create a Facebook ad campaign that is ineffective? Most likely nobody sets out to do that, however we all know it happens quite often. Rather than just going through the same process and expecting a different result, which is the definition of insanity according to Einstein, you should read these 4 tips for making a Facebook Ad Campaign that works. As a top web development company we have seen a lot and done a lot which in turn has resulted in picking up a few techniques that can be applied to most campaign ideas to help increase your chances for success.

Interested? You should be unless for some reason you aren’t a fan of increased sales or conversions.

4 Tips for a Facebook Ad Campaign

  • Focus on sales, not shares – Obviously with Facebook you are on a social media platform. With that you expect to get a certain number of likes, clicks and shares, but those numbers can easily be very misleading making you think your campaign is more effective than it is. What number doesn’t lie? The answer is sales.

Regardless of your engagement metrics, your sales numbers are the ones that really matter at the end of the day. That doesn’t mean you ignore your engagement metrics because they are an indicator of interest in something you are doing right, but obviously something along the sales funnel isn’t working if the sales numbers are low. You need to match up ads to revenue to better understand what is working and not working.

  • Ads are built using information – Some people make a logical mistake when crafting an ad, they start with an idea first. “Oh, this would make for a good ad!” But how do you know it will truly make for a good ad? Just because a concept sounds like a good one doesn’t mean it will translate into success. You need to start with information first and then build the ad step by step

For example, typically you start with a product. From there you look at your target, making sure to understand the various demographics that comprise the target. Who will be buying this product or service? What interest them? What motivates them? Then you need to form your value proposition all before you even start to work on designing the actual advertisement. From that point you move to testing and optimization, more testing and more optimization. Creative ideas are fantastic but by building the ad based off that you are assuming that the target audience shares your exact viewpoint rather than actual data.

  • Make a strong offer – The offer itself is more important than any of the copy you write. While this might not seem possible, it is once you look at the concept from the proper angle which is emotional. Let’s look at two example offers you might find on Facebook around back to school. Offer #1 is ‘40% of all backpacks in stock’. That is a very good discount that will certainly attract attention. Offer #2 is ‘With every backpack sold a backpack will be donated to an underprivileged child to ensure they have a new backpack for the new school year’.

So which offer is stronger? The answer is the second one because it sells without selling. There is an emotional trigger that takes places where the target audience, parents, can see how they can help other kids while buying something they were going to buy anyway. Most people like to spend money; it is just a matter of making them think that buying what you have to offer is their idea. This is just one example, but every time you launch a campaign it needs to start with a strong offer. That is not to say the good copy isn’t important, but without a strong offer it loses some of its power.

  • One-up your competitors – This idea is similar to a strong offer in that your goal is to provide a stronger offer than your competitors. First you analyze what your competition is doing. Then you launch a campaign that is just slightly better. ‘Get 4 Widgets for $40’ might be something your top competitor is doing. You could then offer, ‘Get 5 Widgets for $40 because 5 is better than 4.’

The bottom line is that online marketing is not easy. If you are utilizing Facebook for marketing then you want to craft successful campaigns that earn money rather than lackluster ones that lose money. One way you can do that is by taking the 4 tips for making a Facebook ad campaign that works which we outlined today and incorporate them into your process to help increase the bottom line of your next campaign.

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