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Building trust and putting online shoppers at ease are important parts of ecommerce marketing and merchandising, since very few folks will hand over payment card information to a business they are uncertain about.

When confronted with some level of uncertainty — “Is this product right for me?” “Is this an online store I can trust?” — shoppers may use social proof to help make buying decisions. In effect, these customers are willing to put their trust in their peers.

So What is Social Proof?

Humans are driven by a lot of different factors. One of the most prominent ones is opinion, and taking one’s peers’ decisions into account, when making a related decision. This is hard-wired in our psychology.

However, in the marketing arena, social proof is all about using the idea of human masses and their views, to create positive connections around your brand. What you’re essentially doing is taking the human urge to connect with other people, and using their views about your brand, to promote what you do. It’s a lot like social media – but beware, social proof is more than just social media!

So, if you are looking for ways to increase the conversion rate of your Ecommerce website or you want to know how to use social proof on your site,

Red Design Website share 25 ways to use social proof on your Ecommerce website in this infographic.

25 ways to Use Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Website… social proof is all about using the idea of human masses and their views, to create…

Here’s a quick summary:

• Real Time Stats
• Customer Testimonials
• Celebrity Endorsements
• Case Studies
• Media Mentions
• Customer Base
• Trust Seals
• Certifications & Badges
• Platform Integrations
• Social Share Count
• Social Media Proof
• Ratings and Reviews
• Test Scores
• “Best Seller”
• “Customers also bought…”
• Customer Recommendations
• Number of Orders
• Ambassadors
• Popular Posts/Products
• Customer Showcase
• Use Social Proof with Photos
• Use Social Proof with Similarity
• Use Social Proof with Stories
• No Proof is Better than Low Proof?
• Use Social Proof with Urgency

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Use Social proof on ecommerce Website


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This article was originally published in 29 May 2019. It was most recently updated in December 6, 2022 by Wise

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