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12 tips to successfully promote your online course is a guide to help you create, launch, promote and sell your course online with ease to your audience. What is an Online Course? An online course is a set of instructional experiences using the digital network for interaction, learning and dialogue. It is the delivery of a series of lessons on a web browser or mobile device, which can be accessed anytime and at any place. The online course is carried out in an online environment for convenient learning which does not require any in-person physical teaching or learning with other students in class. It is a way to learn a new skill or gain some new knowledge from the comfort of your own home which can be either paid for or offered for free by some educational institutions or experts in that field.

An online course is a great way to connect with your customers, increase your authority within your niche and build another stream of passive income. They are very few downsides to this type of course and it is a business that has proven to be very profitable over the last 20 years.

How to promote your online course successfully, is discussed using the below 12 tips:

    1. Treat Your Online Course Like a Product Launch: Put the same efforts you would give when launching a product into launching an online course because both undergo the same procedures and aims for the same purpose to serve the brand. One of the best ways to promote your online course is by creating a coming soon page to give you a time frame to work with, create awareness about it, and build hype and leads around it to test if there is a real need for the class or not.


    1. Talk About Your Course on Social Media: Use the social media platform that you use for your business, to start announcing some teaser information about your upcoming course. By frequently posting quality content on social media, you are training your audience to keep a tab on your page on daily basis. As a result of this action, when you promote your online course before the due date of publication and after publication, you will have a high subscribing rate of users for your online course and they will most likely tell their network about your class.


    1. Start a Podcast to Hype Your Online Course: You can start a podcast as a way of self-promotion before the scheduled date of your online course. Podcasts are one of the best ways to sell and promote your online course. Some parts of the podcast’s content may contain free information while some may contain paid courses.


    1. Start a Weekly Webinar to Connect With Potential Students: Create 45 minute to a 1-hour presentation concerning an elaborate topic about your online course. When delivering a webinar focus on the concerns and interests of the audience and a simplified call to action at the end. Run ads on your webinar and you will see how easy it is to sell and promote your online course through webinars.


    1. Pay for Ads to Promote Your Course: Running some paid ads can be one of the best ways to advertise your class. Paid ads can promote your online course to get faster results and track your success rate with your audience.


    1. Find Non-Competitive Partners in Your Niche: Reach out to your professional network to help you figure out how best to promote your online course. Professionals in your industry can become customers to give you more valuable feedback, testimonials or even a nice shout-out on their social platforms. Reaching out to non-competing experts in your specialisation may generate partnerships for future courses.


    1. Guest Post on Blogs/Podcasts: When you provide free content for publishing to blogs and podcasts, you are increasing publicity to promote your course online through the free promotion that will be allocated to you by that blogs and podcasts.


    1. Create a Teaser Mini-Course: A mini-course is a great way to give people a taste of the value you are offering because it shows the depth of your topic. Through this medium to sell and promote your online course will be easy.


    1. Offer Discount for the First Set of People to Register: Offering a discount is a major solution to promote an online course to generate high revenue for the course and to keep a record of feedback and testimonials that may convert other hesitant customers. A pre-launch discount is a good way of selling online courses.


    1. Create a Course Sales Page: Another way to promote your online course is by creating a landing page dedicated to selling the online course. The landing page of the online course should speak the audience’s language, create a value proposition, handle objections, a clear call to action.


    1. Translate Your Online Course to Other Language(s): When you translate your online course into other languages, this action promotes your online course to reach a larger audience of other people. This can be done by creating quality subtitles that give native speakers in other languages the opportunity to participate in the course.


  1. Build Your Email List: Email listings is another fastest way to promote your online course because it is consistently delivered automatedly straight to your audience’s preferred device and it is more popular compared to other platforms. The risk of losing your audience if your account is suspended or shut down temporarily is less.


promote your online course


In conclusion, the same efforts used to campaign for new products and services should also be used to promote your online courses before and after the launch of the courses. So do you need assistance in creating your online course? Then contact us today and saddle us with the responsibility of creating your online courses using our learning management system to give you the best result for your online course.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

This article was originally published in 14 April 2021. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by Wise

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