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Are you looking for creative ways to improve your email marketing strategy? What better way to get massive ingenuity to improve sales and conversion leads than from one of the greatest bands ever?
Smart Mail share their 10 Beatles inspired email marketing tips in this infographic.

Here are the key points:

Use email retargeting to say hello when shoppers say goodbye
Make shoppers feel safe with the use of confidence-building imagery
Implement a full lifecycle email marketing strategy that covers the entire shopping journey
Don’t buy or rent email lists, build them yourself
Enlist the help of experts for improved email campaign performance
Get shoppers back to where they once belonged by sending browse abandonment emails
Adding social media imagery to your emails
Always use customer support callouts
Be here, there, and everywhere with mobile-friendly, responsive emails
Personalize your emails to make them relevant to each individual shopper

Check out the infographic for more detail.

10 Beatles Inspired Email Marketing Tips


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