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WordPress started life as a single bit of code to enhance typography and every day writing and with fewer users than your average football team you wouldn’t have expected it to go very far. However thirteen years later, WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by millions of people every day.

WordPress has revolutionised the worlds approach to websites and has given the ability to create individual websites, using unique domain names, and giving the freedom to create a unique format. As they say you are only ‘limited by your imagination and tech chops.’

We here at Da Manager Web Design Wolverhampton use WordPress to aid in the creation of our client’s websites to make our client’s lives easier. As it is a CMS (Content Management System) site it allows for easy modification of content. Which in turn allows our clients to be able to modify old content whenever the content becomes outdated, to add and update blogs and make various other minor changes, giving the clients back some of the control over their own website.

Additionally, for all the more technical aspects regarding WordPress and its applications, Da manager Web Design is here to help with our tailor-made aftercare that keeps our clients as visible as possible, and with the offer of extra support we’re always just a click or a phone call away. Contact us now

This article was originally published in 13 September 2016. It was most recently updated in November 28, 2022 by